Our “Training to Go Series” - training that YOU can conduct with your staff ~ all in one package!

Our “Training to Go Series” allows you to train your own people with validated training materials. Each of the course packages for this special Training-to-Go series come with a brand-new paperback textbook from a separate publisher as well as complete directions and supporting material all ready to go right out of the box.

Each of our courses with the training materials have been developed in-house for our corporate clients and taught more than 100 times, by over a dozen different facilitators

These texts and other material are from our reserved stock that we are no longer using, hence the great deals. We have done all the work for you – all our materials are ready to go. Each course package comes with schedule and a selection of activities for participants to complete with full directions. All classes are designed to be delivered in 12 hours.

You can purchase either a course package of 15, 10, 5 or even single books WITH your ready-to-go PowerPoint presentations, with detailed notes, and a variety of special activities related to the course (not in the texts) that are designed to reinforce the learning and to build rapport with your team. If you want larger bundles email us for rates.

Because we share our personally developed material there are no returns. If you have questions before purchase, please feel free to email us at DrLJ@TheBestTraining.com and we will happily answer any questions you might have regarding our materials.

Each of our course packages contain a mixture of:

  • PowerPoint presentations of the text material with additional material added, that can be easily edited
  • Copies of all handouts of additional materials that have been used in the course
  • Exam with answer key (separate from the one in some texts)
  • Many of the presentations come with ready to go PowerPoint checkpoints (review points) for the exam
  • Checkoff lists for other materials that you might need such as flip charts, pens, and coffee break information
  • Suggested video clips to use throughout your presentation
  • Addendum handout with optional additional reading on the topic for participants
  • All classes are designed to be delivered in 12 hours

  • FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE: We can add your logo and business information can be added to the material. ALSO, we can deliver your complete program, as we would deliver it to any of our clients, by adding our presentation audio to any course. You can run this yourself and stop and start when you are ready.

    6 of Our Most Popular Courses

    These courses are the most asked for courses we have. We do have other courses too, some that we use with other publishers text, some courses we have written our own texts for. ALL come with activites, notes and PowerPoint presentations, and much more that can all be customized.

    About The Best Training

    The Best Training has been around for many years. We went 'digital' in 1999 with this website.

    This website was used to help with my online training as a 'container' for much of Dr. Lloyd-James' teaching material so she could easily download it when necessary. It has since been used to deliver online courses to many of our corporate clientele.

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    Some of our Faculty

    Our Philosphy

    Our goal is to fully engage people in desiring to achieve improved results within their lives. Our classes focus on developing the individual first, which creates a personal transformation resulting in happier team members and better performance.

    Our USP

    Our unique selling proposition (USP) is that all our courses have an facilitator involved. Most of our facilitators are experts on their fields and come form many part of the world.

    Key of Success

    We have a very committed groups of professional teachers and expert-in-their-field trainers. Many of our students have taken many of our courses. Students who have worked with our faculty in still touch base with faculty years after they have completed courses.

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