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Becoming More Productive

8 Strategies for Becoming More Productive

This course gives you the secrets for more productive planning, using many tried and tested methods.

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Leadership Competencies

Understanding the 9 Leadership Competencies

Evaluate your leadership skills and learn how to increase your leadership abilities

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Become Personally Effective

The 80/20 Rule to Becoming Personally Effective

By developing strong organizational skills, you can dramatically improve productivity and self-confidence

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Success with Goal Setting

28 Days to a Lifetime of Successful Goal Planning

Goal planning is so important for any success in life. Help boost your goal management skills

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Understanding Culture

Everyone is a cultural group of 1 ~ Managing Cultural Diversity

Essential guide for helping to understand cultural diversity in the workplace

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Career Opportunity

7 Steps to Move Change to Career Opportunity

Myths, misconceptions and realities – why having a Plan B is the best option before and after retirement

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Become a Better Writer

Put Your First Paragraph on a Diet

Create concise, logical, messages, avoid communication styles that are bland, confusing or cultural insensitive.

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Organize Better Meetings

It’s More than the Agenda ~ Managing Effective Meetings

Meetings have always existed; most people hate them. How to make yours meaningful and worthwhile.

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The Art of Delegation

Understand the 4 Obstacles to Delegation

Delegation as a science! This course explains how important it is and how to delegate properly.

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Fine Tune Your Leadership Skills

3 Steps in Helping to Develop as a Participative Leader

This course empowers the supervisor to increase cooperation, commitment to make the workplace better.

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Handle Difficult People

Learn the 4 Guiding Principles for Managing Disagreement

Learn the 9 key approaches to manage disagreement and understand how to manage with more skill and confidence.

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Manage Your Teams Well

Understanding the 4 Kinds of Team Player Skills You Need

The manager is responsible for making sure that standards of performance are achieved through a well-trained team.

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Our Philosphy

Our goal is to fully engage people in desiring to achieve improved results within their lives. Our classes focus on developing the individual first, which creates a personal transformation resulting in happier team members and better performance.


Our unique selling proposition (USP) is that all our courses have an facilitator involved. Most of our facilitators are experts on their fields and come form many part of the world.

Key of Success

We have a very committed groups of professional teachers and expert-in-their-field trainers. Many of our students have taken many of our courses. Students who have worked with our faculty in still touch base with faculty years after they have completed courses.