Understanding the 9 Leadership Competencies

Evaluate your leadership skills and learn how to increase your leadership abilities

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Length of Course: 12 hours

Employees respect their manager when they know when they know is expected of them and have clear guidelines as to their roles and responsibilities. This program looks at the role of the participative leader and what skills and abilities are required to develop these traits.

This course is set up as a 12 hour course

  • To explain the process of determining leadership competencies
  • To discuss personal qualities of leaders
  • To discuss actions that competent leaders take
  • To stress the importance of being a good leader (supervisor)

  • The material that will be covered includes:

    • The Leadership Capstone Model
    • Nine Leadership Competencies Defined
    • Focus on Employees, Competition and Customers
    • Acknowledge Your Competencies

    Additional material available includes:

    • Exam with answer key
    • Review material
    • Distinguish between a leader and a manager
    • IQ Creative Thinking Test (with answers)
    • Importance of Management
    • 21st Century Leaders
    • Listening handout
    • Opportunities not limitations
    • Humpty Dumpty‚Äôs Wall

    Text Provided: Crisp: Understanding Leadership Competencies: Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today (50-Minute) Guggenheimer, Patricia, ISBN: 1-56052-49709


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