8 Strategies for Becoming More Productive

Secrets for more productive planning

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Length of Course: 12 hours

Find out how to create more strategies for success by learning how to plan and be able to create an effective plan of action. You will learn how to assess your planning skills as well as learn many strategies to help you.

This course is set up as a 12 hour course

  • To explain the elements of Good Planning
  • To explain planning methods
  • To Provide helpful planning tips and strategies
  • An introduction to personality styles

  • The material that will be covered includes:

    • Introduction to planning
    • Why people don’t plan
    • How to plan
    • Strategies for success
    • Hints and tips
    • Your plan of action

    Additional material available includes:

    • Exam with answer key
    • Review material
    • Strategies for success
    • Introduction to goal setting
    • Personality profiles and styles
    • What’s wrong and how to fix it exercise
    • Steven Covey quadrants and coaching

    Text Provided: Plan your work, Work Your Plan - Crisp Fifty-Minute Series, Sherman, Jim ISBN: 1-56052-078-7


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