Our NEW Training to Go program

We also have a exciting new program that we have developed for smaller companies who may want to deliver their own programs to their own employees.

Our TrainingToGo packages consist of packages of ten books for participants, ready to go PowerPoint presentations and detailed teaching notes for the trainer. We can deal with bulk orders, please contact MrPeterJames@gmail.com for additional information.

Currently we have the following packages available:

Increase Efficiency ~ Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Planning gives you direction, clarifies your purpose, stimulates you into action, and improves your attitude and relationships.

We will help you to:

Better Management Skills ~ Understanding Leadership Competencies

Looking at leadership competencies and how they fit together, you can gain confidence and a grasp of the leadership role in any situation.

Becoming a leader requires you to understand how to manage people well. To do this you need to:

Increase Efficiency ~ Getting and Staying Organized

By developing strong organizational skills, you can dramatically improve productivity and self-confidence as you learn to control your environment instead of letting your environment control you.

Helping you to get better organized and increase your efficiency includes:

Reach all Your Goals ~ Goal Management at Work

This course uncovers the secrets for more productive planning. Some positive outcomes as a result of planning are:

This course provides simple and easily followed techniques that will pay big dividends. The results you can get from faithfully applying the techniques can be dramatic. Goals can keep you focused. Goals can bring you closer to success. But goals have little value unless you can complete them.

Mastering Diversity ~ Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Employees from different cultural backgrounds bring a wealth of creativity, insights, and skills to their jobs. It is up to the employers to recognize, cultivate, and value these contributions

Understanding and appreciating cultural awareness includes:

Converting Change into Career Opportunity

This thoughtful broad based, personal growth program can take you to either a more significant role in your present organization, or lead you to a better position elsewhere.

In order to not be threatened by change, and understanding of the following is necessary:

Professional Communicator ~ Practical Business Communication

Discover how to organize concise, logical messages, deliver good and bad news, develop professional writing habits, and avoid communications that are bland, confusing or culturally insensitive.

To effectively communicate you must:

More Productivity ~ Meetings that Work

Find the fundamentals of setting agenda, choosing appropriate settings, encouraging participation and motivate participation in your meetings. Learn about tools that will make you more productive and effectual

To increase the effectiveness of your meetings you need to:

Delegate!! The Art of Delegation

Find a prescription for overcoming common fears of delegation, knowing when and how to delegate work, identifying the best employees for delegated task, and keeping delegations projects on track.

There is an art to delegation. To effectively delegate you should be able to:

Empower Employees ~ The Participative Leader

Learn how to develop a more effective participative leadership style and empower employees to reach higher goals while focusing on innovation, commitment, and company-wide participation.

Benefits of Participative leadership:

Participants learn how to inspire employee commitment, involve employees in their own motivation as well as factors related to high performance and the benefits of teamwork.

Resolve Differences ~ Managing Disagreement Constructively.

Gain a better understanding how to deal with various conflicts using some guiding principles that give you an insight into different approaches to resolving differences.

To be able to manage conflict effectively you need to: