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"The Successful Manager Series”

“The Successful Manager Series” is a series of courses for managers or soon-to-be managers to develop essential skills in becoming a successful manager. These courses are specifically developed to help give participants the tools to become effective and efficient managers. Many managers are promoted on their character and technical skills and then find themselves being evaluated on management skills. This series of courses will complete the gaps within the new managers skill set and refresh or hone in the experienced managers skill set.

"The Successful Manager" is a series of courses for managers, or soon-to-be promoted, to develop essential skills in becoming successful. These courses are specifically developed to help give participants the tools to become effective and efficient managers.

A professor leads all courses. While the WGUNI courses are asynchronous, the professor interacts with all class members to encourage them to completion and answer all questions participants may have. This has proven to be a very successful approach for our online delivery.

This approach is like having a 1-on-1 expert advisor/mentor for all participants.

Current Course Offerings Our short, yet effective, online courses are designed to be completed between 5 and 10 hours. All courses have specific objectives and focus very much on developing skills that are immediately put into practice. They are designed to develop the students' critical thinking skills and are very interactive.

Lead by a qualified professor, in classes of up to 20, students get the opportunity to work with their professor to develop ideas that will help them become much more capable managers, or managers-in-training.

Each course is worth one (1) CEU (Continuing Education Unit). A CEU is a measure used in continuing education programs to help the professional to maintain qualification requirements in their career. Continuing education courses are required in many professions. The continuing education unit is designated as ten hours of participation in an education program or course.

Course ID: COMFMD Course Topic: Communication

Course Description:

Common Dangers Facing all Quality Managers that Cause Them to Struggle with Communication.

The communication course places a strong emphasis on practice and process. The instructor gives regular feedback to participants on their speaking and writing and participants are required to produce multiple spoken presentations and written work with particular content or information.

Upon overcoming the dangers of struggling with communication, you will know:
* Ways we communicate to others and how those processes can be misinterpreted
* How our senses are used to effect change on information
* The way information is observed and evaluated as we receive and interpret it
* How to identify the thinking patterns of other people by watching their body movements


Course ID: CUSFMD Course Topic: Customer Service

Course Description: Customer Service ~ Is a Quality Standard of 100% Unreasonable?

Successfully orienting the workforce and delivering excellent customer service can ensure a big payoff in employee commitment, staff retention, customer satisfaction and developing a solid company culture. Learning about the importance of how to improve customer service skills is essential to the efficient employee.

This highly interactive 5-hour course offers the perfect solution to get any employee up to speed. It will help you:
* Understand what customer service is
* Appreciate why customer service is so important for you and your company And give you some great ideas on how YOU can deliver excellent customer service
* Recognize why complaints are so important and teach you how to deal with them
* Get to know your customer better by helping you become a better listener


Course ID: DCHFMD Course Topic: Dealing with Change

Course Description: 2 Crucial Psychological Theories all Competent Managers Need to Know to Keep them from Struggling with Negative Behaviors and Attitudes Related to Change

This thoughtful broad based, personal growth program can either take you to a more significant role in your present organization, or lead you to a better position elsewhere.

Benefits you will be able to apply from learning about change theories include
* Positive appreciation from the impact of organizational change on people
* Ability to grieve and let go of the old and keep an open mind for the future
* Identify ways to positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organizational change
* Proactively be able to develop approaches on how to deal with resistance to change


Course ID: DELFMD Course Topic: Delegation

Course Description: Learn The Art of Delegation so you can free up more time for yourself and grow the skills and talents of your team.

How to overcome common fears of delegation, knowing when and how to delegate work, identifying the best employees for delegated task, and keeping delegations projects on track.

There is an art to delegation. To effectively delegate you must be able to:
Define delegation and understand your specific personal barriers to delegation
* Employ a process to effectively delegate a task
* Identify which tasks and responsibilities to delegate and which tasks and responsibilities to keep
* Select and motivate the right person for a delegated task
* Effectively follow up on and give feedback on a delegated task


Course ID: DIVFMD Course Topic: Diversity

Course Description: Keys to Avoid Making a Cultural Misstep Through Lack of Understanding. Having Cultural Awareness is Crucial in Today’s Workplace.

Employees from different cultural backgrounds bring a wealth of creativity, insights, and skills to their jobs. It is up to the employers and managers to recognize, cultivate, and value these contributions

Understanding and appreciating cultural awareness includes:
* A full discussion on cultural awareness and understanding of the influence of cultural differences
* A better understanding of the cultural challenges facing multicultural workplaces
* Awareness of cultural sensitivity and developing a multi-cultural competence
* Learning about possible cross-cultural confusions and how to encourage positive cross-cultural working relationships


Course ID: EPRFPS Course Topic: Personal Relationships

Course Description: Avoid Massive Mistakes that even Smart Managers make that Keep Them Frustrated by a Lack of Healthy Interpersonal Relationships

People who attend this program will learn a set of principles that will change the way they view their lives as well as their performance on the job. They will grow in self-understanding, confidence, personal effectiveness, and their ability to handle the challenges/opportunities of their personal and workplace lives. They will explore tools for developing, refining, and building their interpersonal skills; Get tips on how to build rapport, trust, and respect through better respect through better communication as well as improved listening skills.

Once you learn how to avoid relationship mistakes you will be able to:
* Apply and practice strategies for communicating styles with self, others, and maximizing relationships
* Show the correlation between emotional intelligence competency and successful workplace relationships
* Create an action plan for developing your skills for building and maintaining relationships


Course ID: ODMFMD Course Topic: Organization and Decision Making

Course Description: 3 Tricky Truths that make it Difficult to be a Successful Manager (#1 Secret to Avoiding Procrastination Forever!)

Planning, preparation, prioritization, organization and delegation are your secret weapons to better progress with less stress. Planning gives you direction, clarifies your purpose, stimulates you into action, and improves your attitude and relationships. This course will help you simplify your priorities and organize your time. It will also help you to set up your environment and tools to work for you, not against you and guide you to implement techniques for eliminating unwanted interruptions.

Once you have mastered the truths to being a successful manager, you will have the ability to:
* Distinguish the difference between being “busy” and “productive”
* Select your own helpful planning tips and strategies that work best for you
* Maximize your personal effectiveness
* Develop a positive mental attitude and use ambition as the motivator rather than fear.


Course ID: GOLFMD Course Topic: Goal Setting

Course Description: 3 Key Questions to Ask Before Setting Goals and Implementing an Action Plan

Goals are the foundation of productivity. Learning to set SMART goals and the questions to ask before setting those goals will put you on the road to focused productivity in your job. In this course, you are required to write goals and action plans so that you get the practice necessary to become competent at setting and achieving goals

This hands-on course on setting goals will give you the knowledge to:
* Understand the Role of the supervisors responsibility to having SMART goals
* Identify and set goals for your area of supervision (what you want to achieve)
* Develop plans for efficiency in your department (why you want to achieve it )
* Put the plan into action and measure its success ( how you will know you have achieved it)


Course ID: MGTFMD Course Topic: Introduction to Management

Course Description: Master the 5 Key Steps to Becoming a Successful Manager

Develop skills to think like a leader while managing your team. Learn how to gain respect and support, find out how to ensure tasks are accomplished on time and experience the art of team building.

Once you complete the course on Becoming a Successful Manager you will be able to:
* Distinguish the responsibilities of a supervisor and an employee
* Anticipate the needs of the company
* Break down and prioritize objectives
* Construct a basic training program and design a teambuilding exercise
* Demonstrate increased efficiency


Course ID: DISFMD Course Topic: Managing Disagreements

Course Description: Resolve Differences ~ Managing Disagreement Constructively with a goal to conflict resolution and moving forward.

Gain a better understanding how to deal with various conflicts using some guiding principles that give you an insight into different approaches to resolving differences.

Upon completion of Managing Disagreement Constructively, you will:
* Have the ability to define conflict and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy conflict
* Become aware of how to identify expectations of conflict
* Distinguish between different styles of conflict resolution
* Understand your preferred style of conflict resolution
* Exhibit capability to apply the steps to win-win conflict resolution
* Understand how to manage your emotions during conflict


Course ID: METFMD Course Topic: Meetings That Work

Course Description: Meetings that Work, Keys To Success for Executing Meaningful Meetings That People Appreciate because, 47% of People Think Meetings are a Waste of Time

Find the fundamentals of setting agenda, choosing appropriate settings, encouraging participation and motivate participation in your meetings. Learn about tools that will make you more productive and effective and stop wasting time.

To increase the effectiveness of your meetings and make the meaningful you need to:
* Be able to choose the most effective type of meeting for the goal
* Understand how to effectively use an agenda, to document and follow through
* Decrease the number of unnecessary meetings an organization holds
* Increase the efficiency of the meeting, saving time people spend in meetings
* Have a system to follow through on the action items

________________________________________ Course ID: PLEFMD Course Topic: Participative Leader

Course Description: Avoid the Common Mistakes of Participative Leadership and get Your Team More Effective, Motivated and Making Better Decisions

Learn how to develop an effective transformational leadership style and empower employees to reach higher goals while focusing on innovation, commitment, and developing a high-performing team.

After passing the Participative Leadership course, you will be able to:
* Demonstrate qualities of being a transformational leader
* Involve employees in taking ownership of their tasks
* Facilitate training that positively impacts quality, productivity, customer service, and employee morale


Course ID: PERFMD Course Topic: Performance Management

Course Description: Measure Performance ~ Effective and ongoing Performance Management for continuous and never ending team improvement

Performance management generally involves you and your employees in three stages of a complete review cycle.

When you master the content of Effective Performance Management, you will:
* Fully utilize performance and development plans
* Be comfortable with interim coaching and progress reviews
* Look forward to giving a performance appraisal and development review


Course ID: PERFPS Course Topic: Understanding Personality

Course Description: Understand Different Personality Types and Increase Your Efficiencies, Task Assignment Effectiveness and Employee Engagement

Know your own personality type; when you are more effective and least effective. Personality is complex, yet it is important to understand what makes a person who they are. If you are going to work with others, it is very beneficial to understand different personalities, so you can get the best out of yourself and everyone on your team.

The benefits of completing this course are that you will improve your:
* Decision making abilities
* Appreciation of diversity
* Improved ability to avoid conflict
* Tolerance and understanding of others


Course ID: TEAFMD Course Topic: Teamwork

Course Description: Effective Teamwork; Strengthening People, Creating Synergy and Building Employee Engagement by Developing High Performing Teams

As organizations continue to discover the benefits of employee teams, those viewed as effective team players will become valuable assets within the work force.

After passing the Effective Teamwork course you will be able to:
* Recognize the value characteristics of high performing teams
• Deliver an effective platform on which to build and develop effective team leadership skills
* Explore the different team leadership styles
* Exhibit the skills required for effective communication within teams
* Examine the capabilities required to lead a team towards constant levels of high performance


Course ID: TRCFMD Course Topic: Training and Coaching

Course Description: Excellent Training Skills ~ Training Methods that Work

Increase your confidence as a trainer. The various methods presented will help you take your training efforts to new levels of excellence.

As a result of passing the Excellent Training Skills course you will be able to:
* Discuss, describe and evaluate the possible training systems in organizations
* Understand suitable methods and techniques for identifying training programs and putting them into place
* Create basic training plans, and develop resources based on behavioral objectives connected to the organizations business goals
* Understand the principles of adult learning
* Recognize the importance of training evaluation and the ROI (return on investment) of training


As with all our courses we concentrate on working with participants on getting tangible results from each course.
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