Each corporation has different needs and different teams.

We work with your leaders to identify the performance gap and then develop and deliver specific courses and workshops to meet the skill needs that will close the gap.

Our standard basic courses include:

  • Culinary Fundamentals - a theory course in the basics of culinary arts. This is a must for all full-time cooks who have not had formal training. 5 hours a day for 5 days.
  • The Saucier’s Apprentice - covers all soups and sauces when and how to use them as well as their characteristics. Improved knife skills and basic cuts are a part of this course.
  • Superior Mise-en-Place - This will bring your culinary team on task and avoid them wasting time and duplicating work. The secret to all efficient kitchen teams is superior mise-en-place.

  • We have a good team of excellent dining room instructors for those who need any front of the house help. Call Peter at 954-873-6193 or email for more information.