We offer some online classes through our Moodle portal, however most of our classes are offered in a face-to-face setting, for companies and cooperations, which can be easily adapted to fit the specific company's objectives.

"The Successful Manager Series"

"The Successful Manager Series" is a series of courses for managers or soon-to-be managers to develop essential skills in becoming a successful manager. These courses are specifically developed to help give participants the tools to become effective and efficient managers. Many managers are promoted on their character and technical skills and then find themselves being evaluated on management skills. This series of courses will complete the gaps within the new managers skill set and refresh or hone in the experienced managers skill set.

With our ready to go courses we offer three levels of management training (email or call for additional details):

LEVEL 1 - FOUNDATIONS is designed for those who have potential to be promoted or managers who have very little management training. This level focuses on gaining the necessary knowledge and understanding that is fundamental to management success. Level one shows participants how to immediately apply this knowledge in their workplace.

LEVEL 2 - INTERMEDIATE builds on the foundation courses bringing the manager to a higher level of management ability. Here we require participants to apply learned knowledge from the courses into real time situations in the workplace. Managers will now logically analyze areas of challenge within their departments and use the course content to find successful solutions that fit within the corporate ethos.

LEVEL 3 - ADVANCED brings the manager to a high functioning management level. Level 3 courses have an instructor coach component, where the instructor will group coach with the participant in helping to solve any real workplace issues.

Participants can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for all courses. Continuing Education Units are defined as contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction. (Click this link for more information about CEUs)

These courses are flexible in contact hours and delivery location so as to meet the needs of the individual client. Also, we often create courses to personally suit the organization.

Advanced level courses and management retreats are custom developed to meet the needs of the client.

As with all our courses we concentrate on working with participants on getting tangible results from each course.
For more information contact Peter James 954-873-6193 MrPeterJames@gmail.com

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